Quiesta Memory Foam Pillow Review (Neck Supportive Pillow)





The Quiesta Memory Foam Pillow has some unique features that are worth talking about. These neck supported stomach pillows are made from quality materials, which make the product durable.

It is everyone’s desire to enjoy their sleep but without the right pillow to support the head and neck, this cannot be achieved.

Quiesta Memory Foam Pillow

It is not just about lying down on a pillow but a product that will be more comfortable for you. The Quiesta Memory Foam Pillows are designed to support the neck and head of the user, so that there would be no problem or pain after sleeping on it.

Have you heard anyone complain about feeling some pains around their neck area and don’t know how to put a stop to it? Well, just by resting the head on the right pillow will make everything to go away.

However, the support provided by the Quiesta Memory Foam Pillow is mind blowing. This pillow is designed to give support to the neck and also relieve you from pain.

You will also enjoy quality and deep sleep, because there will be nothing to interrupt you as you sleep. This brand of pillow does not overheat during the night like other brand does.

In fact, the air circulation is amazing. You will feel very cool and calm sleeping on this pillow even at night.

Who Is Quiesta Memory Foam Pillow Made For?

This pillow is designed for stomach sleepers who also need proper neck support. The pillow is designed with quality materials that make them very comfortable and also durable.

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A lot of people suffer from neck pains and stiffness when they wake up as a result of the type of pillow they sleep on. Neck pain or stiffness can be very discomforting.

In fact, when you wake up with such condition, it is impossible for you to feel happy or active during the day. You need to slight on the right pillow that offers maximum neck support, otherwise you will not feel comfortable when you sleep.

The Quiesta Memory Foam Pillow is designed to eliminate neck pain or stiffness especially after sleep.

Features Of The Quiesta Memory Foam Pillow

This pillow has a lot of unique features that are worth talking about. In fact, I have done my research, testing and analysis to confirm if the product is really comfortable to sleep on and this is what I found out.

Bamboo Fabric

The Quiesta Memory Foam Pillow is designed to offer maximum support and comfort to sleepers. This product is also made of quality and natural bamboo fabric. This bamboo material helps to enhance the breathability as well as ventilation of the pillow.

With proper ventilation, there is no way this pillow will ever collect bacteria, mold or even dust mites. When you sleep on this pillow, you already know you are sleeping on something clean and safe.

The pillow is completely clean and safe for stomach sleepers to use. The bamboo cover of this pillow is also very easy to maintain. Unlike other products, the cover is removable and easy to wash.

Softness and Durability

Apart from the quality of the material, softness and durable are two main features that distinguish this brand of pillow from others. This product is very soft and durable.

However, the softness of the down coupled with the support provided by the memory foam, makes the Quiesta Memory Foam Pillow more suitable for all sleepers.

This pillow comes with unique memory foam that cushions, as well as conform to contours of the user’s head, back as well as neck. You will certainly enjoy your sleep without any interruption.


The Quiesta Memory Foam Pillow is hypoallergenic. This brand of pillow is made from quality visco memory foam as well as 100% natural bamboo materials.

The pillow is convenient for allergic suffers to use. It does not cause any allergies and it does not release any offensive smell.

Air Circulation and Heat

The air circulation that takes place within the Quiesta Memory Foam Pillow makes users to enjoy their sleep. In addition, this brand pillow does not overheat. It allows users to stay cool all through the night.


  • It does not overheat
  • Healthy for allergic suffers
  • ​Made from natural bamboo fabric
  • Resistant to dust mites, bacteria and mold


  • It requires fluffing

FAQ About Quiesta Memory Foam Pillow

Question: Does it overheat?

Answer: No

Question: Does this Quiesta pillow produce offensive smell?

Answer: No

Question: Where is this product made from?

Answer: This brand of pillow is made from China

Question: Is this Quiesta pillow resistant to dust mite?

Answer: Yes

Final Verdict

The Quiesta Memory Foam Pillow has all the unique features that will make you to sleep well. This brand of pillow is manufactured with high quality and natural bamboo materials that is resistant to bacteria, dust mite and doesn’t overheat.

This pillow is designed to offer maximum comfort. It is well ventilated and helps to provide maximum support to the user’s neck. So, I suggest all stomach sleepers with neck pain problem to use this specially designed pillow.

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