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There are many brands of pillows in the market today, and finding a perfect match isn’t just difficult but also time consuming. No matter your sleeping position, it is important to sleep on the right pillow that perfectly suits you.

If you are a stomach sleeper, the only way to avoid all the negative consequences that comes with this sleeping position is to sleep on the right pillow that offers maximum support.

You will also enjoy uninterrupted sleep throughout the night. In fact, this is what you need in order for you to wake up in the morning feeling very lively and active.

Among all the different brand of pillow in the market today, one of the brands that have proven to be very beneficial for stomach sleepers is the Extra Soft Down Pillow. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using this product.

The Material of Extra Soft Down Pillow

Extra Soft Down Pillow

The first thing to consider when buying a pillow is the nature of the material.

You want to buy a durable product even though you are paying less for it. The Extra Soft Down Pillow is highly durable. Although it is extra soft but it doesn’t compress easily like other brand does.

This product is made from 100% cotton material and it does not retain heat like other products. You can enjoy hours of uninterrupted sleep when you sleep on this product. In addition, this brand of pillow also contains 100% down materials.

Machine Washable

It is good to buy pillows that are machine washable. Most brands are very difficult to wash with the aid of a washing machine.

In fact, the stains might not even go off easily. The oil from your body or hair may stain your pillow, and this might be difficult to wash off most times.

However, the Extra Soft Down Pillow by DOWNLITE is machine washable and the material used in making this brand can easily release stains. However, your pillow will remain in a clean state all the time, since it is easy to wash.

Machine Dryable

Most people would say this feature is not important but when your pillow is not properly dried, you know what would happen.

First of all, an incompletely dry pillow can give room for mould to develop, which is not healthy for you to sleep on. In addition to having mould, the pillow can also develop offensive odor if it is not properly dried.

In a nutshell, sleeping on an incompletely dry pillow will make you uncomfortable so it is better to go for machine dryable products like the Extra Soft Down Pillow.

The Product’s Hypoallergenic Nature

Allergic suffers should always be careful about the type of pillows they sleep on. Some brand can instigate allergies so it is better to go for a top quality brand that is hypoallergenic.

The Extra Soft Down Pillow is hypoallergenic. This means that allergic suffers can sleep on it without fear of causing any allergic reactions.

This product is also resistant to dust mite and other insects that may cause discomfort. However, with all these eliminated stomach sleepers can enjoy hours of uninterrupted sleep.


Most people complain about some brand of pillows being too pricey. Because of this, a lot of people end up not buying the type of pillow that suits their sleeping position.

However, most expensive products don’t even provide enough comfort, even though they are expensive. This means that being buying an expensive pillow does not guarantee you 100% comfort.

The Extra Soft Down Pillow is not just affordable but it also very comfortable for stomach or face sleepers. When we say this brand of pillow is “Affordable” it doesn’t mean that the materials are substandard.

This product is designed not only to suit your budget size but give all round comfort to users. It is also made from top quality materials.


  • It is 100% hypoallergenic
  • It does not retain heat
  • ​Made from 100% down materials
  • Machine washable and dryable


  • It does contain feather
  • It is most suitable for stomach sleepers
  • It is super soft and may not be suitable for people who prefer harder pillow

Some Common Questions About Extra Soft Down Pillow

Question: Does this pillow compress quickly?

Answer: No. Although it is super soft but it doesn’t compress quickly.

Question: Does this extra soft down pillow contain any feather and if yes, in what percentage?

Answer: Feather is not included in this brand. It contains only down.

Question: Is this pillow suitable for allergic suffers?

Answer: Yes, this brand of pillow is hypoallergenic and suitable for allergic suffers.

Question: Does this brand of pillow retain heat?

Answer: No. This it does not retain heat.

Question: What should I do to protect my pillow?

Answer: One of the most suitable ways to protect any pillow is to buy a pillow cover. This will protect your pillow from the stains. The oil from your body and hair might cause stains, which may even get to the filling. You can get the pillow cover with a zipper so that it will be easier for you to take out your pillow any time you want.

Final Verdict

The Extra Soft Down Pillow is basically suitable for people who like to sleep on their stomach or face. It is also made from 100% down and cotton material, so people who want products with other types of materials may find this not too interesting.

However, a lot of people prefer to sleep on pillows that are made of only down. This is because products that contain feathers may cause discomfort in the long run, especially when the quills starts poking them.

With a brand like Downlite's Extra Soft Down Pillow, stomach sleepers don’t need to worry about any negative consequences. So, I recommend all stomach or front sleepers to use this pillow to have a very comfortable sleep.

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