Why It Is Not Recommended To Let Your Baby Sleep On His Stomach?

There can be no overstretching of truth whenever it is said that parenthood is a hard thing.

It is in fact the hardest role to play for any living creature. If the creature is an animal in the wild it must stay awake to keep predators away from its young off springs. And if the creature is a human being it has to make sure that when the little baby falls asleep it is not sleeping on its stomach.

The roles that parents play on our lives when we are young keep us alive. They are the biggest insurance to our celebrating those tender age birthdays. I wouldn’t have written this piece and you wouldn’t have read it if our parents and most especially mothers never played their parts.

Yet there are mothers out there who out of ignorance loss their babies faster than they made them. They let their babies sleep on their stomach and the result is often a catastrophe.

A baby sleeping on their stomach is a leading reason for the high Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

This is not one of those syndromes that doctors and scientists make up just to sell you funny pills advertised on prime time commercial breaks; like the laughing syndrome which they say affects people with a large voice box.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS is real.

And worse is that scientists and doctors do not have a pill for it yet. But even worse is that SIDS kills faster than a jump from the top of the Eiffel Tower.

So what is SIDS you ask?

It is when you place your three month old happy go lucky baby to bed and when you check up on him later he is cold having died on his sleep. You call the doctor and even conduct a postmortem and they find nothing to explain the death.

Let me explain - the baby died on its sleep because you let it sleep on its stomach.

The fear of babies choking on spit is the number one reason why parents let them sleep on their stomach. But that fear is unfounded.

The possibility of the baby chocking is as rare as the sun rising from the west. If you think that your child is unable to sleep comfortably on his back and opt to send him to sleep on his stomach make sure you are around to monitor him.

Ensure he can easily breathe and has sufficient oxygen support. Sudden death can also happen because the bed where you place the child on is not firm enough thus incapacitating the child’s head control.

When the child rolls and sleeps on his stomach and face down he is unable to access oxygen. This leads to sudden death if there is no one around to turn him to his back.

Most parents let their babies sleep on their stomach because they want uninterrupted sleep or because they somehow believe that babies are uncomfortable sleeping on their back. In essence these parents are just tired with the bother that come about when the baby is sleeping on their backs like waking up after every few hours.

But that is parenthood; it ought to be challenging unless you believe that when you were born your parents slept like a log.

The health benefits to be gained by having your child sleep on their back far outweigh the night discomfort and the interrupted sleep sessions. If you wish for a smooth sailing parenthood you should adopt a doll and enjoy the thrill of surrogate parenthood.

Babies sleeping on their backs have more to gain than babies sleeping on their stomachs. It has been widely confirmed that sleeping on the back reduces the likelihood of the baby suffering from fever or stuffy nose and eye infections.

You are denying you baby all these health benefits if you keep insisting on having him sleep on his stomach. Doctors have stated that children born before 37 weeks have the highest risk of dying while sleeping on stomach.

Parenthood is tough. If you are planning on having a child understand that the first year will not be a smooth sail. It is recommended that from the first month to the twelfth month the baby should not sleep on his stomach.

Therefore insist on having him sleep on his back even though he seems uncomfortable and you get less sleep. Scientists are yet to invent the pill of death.

So if you want to be assured that you will sing for your child on his first birthday you should not let him sleep on his stomach.

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